Why can't I connect my Google Webmaster Tools account to the platform?

It is only possible to access information from Google Webmaster Tools if you are "authorized" to do so.  If you are an agency or if you did not setup the account originally, GWT may not allow you to take certain actions in the same way as the "owner" of the GWT account.  In order to connect GWT with our platform, you may find it easier to set up a new GWT account under your own Google account.

In Google Webmaster Tools, you may be set up as either a restricted or full access user.  In either case, you may still not be the OWNER of the account.  Only a owner can add a new user to the account.  The GWT interface is not totally clear about this distinction.  

For instance, suppose your google account is called 

1) Scenario 1: GWT Account was setup by 

When logged into Google Webmaster Tools as all is fine, you are able to connect and you can easily add a new user.  This may be the case with some of your sites, but whilst tlogged in to GWT, it's not clear why some are working and others are not.

2) Scenario 2: GWT Account was setup by and that user granted FULL access to  

When logged into Google Webmaster Tools, attempts to connect with  It will fail without much explanation.  

In order to solve this, (the easiest way) is to first ensure that already has access to the site in Google Analytics. Then, when logged into Google Webmaster Tools, click Add Site and add the website as a NEW site.  Use the "alternate method" tab and click Google Analytics to verify the account.  Then, you will be able to connect the platform with GWT and you can add a new user in order to make full use of our IntelliTraffic solution.

If you don't have access to GA, then you'll need to verify your e-mail address using any of the other verification methods. 


2015 Update - configuration options for "less secure" apps

If you're trying to configure GWT access from the platform and you're being told to authorise your account, but clicking on Get Profiles after that following that step nothing seems to happen, you probably need to go into your Google account and enable so-called "less secure" apps. Our app is secure; this is just Google's way of promotion OAuth2 integration instead of username and password logins.

Anyway, follow these steps:

1) go to your Google account (by** clicking on the "Account" link** shown below, not the "View profile" link):


2. Scoll down to the Signing In section:


3. Click on the option for "Access for less secure apps".

4.** Click on Enable within those Settings:**


  1. The other thing you might want to check if you receiving any emails or SMS messages from Google asking you to authorize the access. Please note, it should mention that we're trying to access your GWT data from one of our servers (with an IP of Please follow the instructions in those emails or SMS messages. You might also want to verify the activity is okay in this screen in your Google account: (if you can't find how to get here, just enter the URL shown):



  1. Go back to the GWT configuration screen in Analytics SEO. Clicking on the Get Profiles button should now show your profiles. Select one and click on the green Save button.

Further reading:




This should allow you to enable access. 


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