Where can I access just keyword-related data?

We use and display a lot of keyword-related data in the platform. This can essentially be divided into data relating to keyword research and keyword ranking. 

Keyword Research Data

You can access data which is very useful for carrying out keyword research by accessing:

  1. The Keyword Research Suggestions table (Competitors & Keywords/Monitored Keywords/Click on "Manage Keywords" button or use the Quicklinks menu option "Add/Edit Monitored Keywords" and then click on the Keyword Research tab) - this allows you to mix a lot of different metrics in order to identify good keyword goals. We would particularly recommend using the "Get Keyword Suggestions" tool.

Keyword Ranking Data

We run both daily and weekly ranking checks for the sites on the platform. You can access keyword ranking data in several modules:

  1. *Monitored Keywords *(Competitors & Keywords/Monitored Keywords) - shows your daily or weekly ranking changes over specified periods
  2. Detailed Monitoring (Competitors & Keywords/Monitored Keywords/Click on "Manage Keywords" button or use the Quicklinks menu option "Add/Edit Monitored Keywords") - allows you to assess ranking changes against other metrics (Search Volume, Competition levels, type of Universal Search results, etc)
  3. Month on Month Keyword Performance (Results/MOM Keyword Performance) - shows a monthly average for each month we've been monitoring these keywords
  4. Competitive Keyword Rankings (Competitors & Keywords/Competitive Keyword Rankings) - shows you your competitors' ranks for your monitored keywords
  5. Keyword Ranking Summaries - summarises movements in monitored keywords (essentially a summary of ^^^ #1)
  6. Keyword Ranking History (weekly) report - this is a standard report which gives a week by week view of changes in rankings from the start of your campaign for all your monitored keywords. To access it, click on Export Report anywhere in the platform and select it from the dropdown menu.
  7. Keyword Ranking History (daily) report - same as ^^^ #6, but is available to those subscribers who are getting daily ranking data


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