I don't think the data in the platform matches the data in my Google Analytics account!

First off, don't panic! It does. You've got to remember we are usually presenting organic traffic, conversion and revenue data in various parts of the platform. Remember, the software is an SEO Campaign Management platform! We're therefore mainly focused on helping our users generate more organic visits, conversions and revenue. However, when you first login into Google Analytics, you may get a view like this:



But then, when you first login into our platform you will most likely get directed to the Single Site Dashboard which may well show you this data:



32,627 visits (red arrow) for the year, according to GA and only 3,722 (orange arrow) according to our platform, for the same period. Bit of a difference, huh?

But remember, the 32k figure is showing all your traffic for a year - PPC, referral, direct, bookmarked, plus organic search traffic. The platform is only looking (here at least) at the Organic Search traffic you've had for that period.

Add a filter to your GA view (purple arrow), et voila! The numbers suddenly match exactly (green arrow)!



 ....and this is still the case, regardless of how you view the GA data in the Analytics SEO. If you look at the charts below, they are showing exactly the same numbers, although the GA chart has a wider x axis:


...and here's how you can compare Goal Conversion data between GA and Analytics SEO:


...and how you can compare some of the E-Commerce data we import:


So the data will match that shown in your GA account. We import this data every day using Google Analytics API and we've been doing this for over 100k sites over the past five years, so we're pretty experienced at doing it. The only small caveat to add to this is that if you are comparing daily GA data with what we show in the platform, please bear in mind that the imports only run once a day, at a particular time of day, depending upon job schedules, so if we've already finished an import and you're looking at your GA data slightly later in the day, the numbers may be slightly different; however, we allow for this, as every daily import also involves getting finalised numbers for the previous two or three days from GA.

As always, if you ever have any questions about the accuracy of the data in the platform, please get in touch.

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