How do I get more Google Analytics data into the platform (backdate the imports)?

When you setup a site and configure Google Analytics access, by default, we will import 3 months worth of back data using the Google Analytics API. We can easily import more than this, however. Simply log a ticket and ask us to backdate the imports. We can actually go back as far as January 2009, but would recommend you ask us to go back no further than January 1st 2012, due to time it takes to import so much data.

Please note, that we will need to flush the existing data and then re-import the data from the date you specify, so you will need to wait for the data to be imported again before you can see it presented in the platform. This usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour for a couple of years' worth of data.

Please also remember to change the campaign start date if you want the Whole Campaign date range in charts to reflect the full set of data now available for that site.

If you do backdate imports, you will get more out of the platform. You will notice that you get an extra Data Range selection option ("Year on Year) in a lot of the modules in the Results tab:



You will also be able to make use of the yearly comparisons in the Single Site dashboard KPIs:


Any questions, please email us.


As of April, 2016, users can now configure Google Analytics and specify a start date for the import, so they should no longer require us to manually backdate imports for them; if you have configured a site to import data from a certain date and now wish to go even further, just go back to Settings > Configure Analytics, re-connect your Google account, choose a profile and a segment and then simply select a new starting date for the import.


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