How do I delete a site or sites?

Only admin users have the option to add and remove (or delete) sites. In order to delete a site, simply:

  1. go to your My Sites list:


  1. Click on the delete action on the right hand side:


  1. You will prompted to confirm:


  1. Confirm and the platform will begin to delete the site and its stored data.


Oops! I deleted the wrong one! Now, what?

Don't panic! You would first need to add the site back on and then contact us.

  • Spidering data: you would lose historical data, but we can re-crawl the site anyway, so it's often not a huge loss.
  • Backlinks: we could get fresh backlink data. You would lose your link archive and records for link building and lost links, but we would still have data on the competitors stored, so the historical Backlink Analysis chart would still be populated with historical data. You could of course, ask us to re-run link prospecting jobs too.
  • Google Analytics data: this is never a problem! We can backdate imports, so just get in touch and we can restore all this data!
  • Project Management data: you would lose your task related data (if you've been using the project management side of the software)
  • Keyword Ranking data*: *you would lose this too. However, you could ask us to re-import the keyword ranking histories, if you happen to have download the keyword ranking history report for this site. We would need to email you a template file, you would need to do some cutting and pasting and then email the file back to us.





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