How do I create a Powerpoint template?

The platform includes a standard Powerpoint template, with Analytics SEO branding. However, you can add your own and then have Powerpoint reports using your own branding and colours. To do this, follow these steps:

i) Go to the Branding section (My Sites/Branding).


ii) Download our Powerpoint template.


iii) Open this up in Powerpoint and view the Slide Master.



iv) Create an image in any graphics program (I recommend using GIMP - see - as it's free and easy to use. The image should be 1500px x 1125px and you should ideally keep your logo in the bottom right hand corner.



v) Back in Powerpoint, click on Slide #2 and then right-click anywhere on the background and select Format Background.

Select File and load the file you created in Step 4. Click on Apply to All. Don't add anything else!





vi) Save this file as a normal Powerpoint file (PPTX), not a Powerpoint template file.



vii) Go back to the platform and upload this template file (either for all sites - blue arrow - or just for particular sites - red arrow). Remember to click on the green Save button:




viii) Test by downloading a Site Overview report for a site (as it's quick):



That's it! If you experience any problems with doing this, email and attach the file you're trying to use and we'll get it working for you.


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