How is the Usage calculated?

The platform works off a "high watermark" principle. This applies to every account, regardless of whether you have a Freemium subscription or an Agency package.

This means that if, during one bill period, you exceed your account limits in either # of sites, Monitored Keywords, Pages Crawled or Backlinks (detailed backlinks for your own sites), then you will usually be charged small overage costs.

NB: It does not matter if you subsequently remove monitored keywords or otherwise reduce your usage limits during the same billing period, as you will have reached a high watermark during that period; however, deleting sites from the platform, removing monitored keywords or setting limits to pages crawled and backlink imports will affect the usage charged for the respective site(s) for the following billing period.

The reason we use a "high watermark principle" is mainly to prevent the scalable pricing system from being abused. If it didn't have this calculation in place, users could potentially add sites, keywords, etc to the system and delete them off before the next billing period without being charged; and during this time, we would have incurred costs in crawling sites, running ranking checks, obtaining backlink details, etc. However, when we moved to this structure, we did include several ways in which (admin) users can review their usage of the system. We always endeavour to be upfront and transparent at all times.

You can review your usage at any time from the Usage tab (click on your username in the top right hand corner of the screen, click on the My Sites link and then the Usage tab). Please note, only admin users can access this tab.


Usage table:


If you are normal user of the platform, you will need to ask an existing admin to also grant your username admin access in order to see this section of the software.

Admin users can also download reports on overage from this area:


This produces a simple Excel spreadsheet, showing how the system calculated the overage for the selected period.

if you increase the limits for backlinks or pages crawled in the above table and this is going to take you over your current account limits, you will receive a warning message, asking you to confirm that you'e happy to accept these overage charges:



We also display monitored keyword limits in the Keyword Research section (Competitors & Keywords/click on Keyword Research button and then the Keyword Research tab):


If you click on the View Limits link shown above, you will be taken directly to the Usage tab.

A few final points:

  • We only charge for completed jobs (e.g. if a keyword ranking or spidering job fails for any reason, you will not see this reflected in your overage calculations).
  • Keyword units are only used for keywords you decide to monitor on an ongoing basis; we will retrieve ranking and other data (such as SEMRush Search Volumes, Competition levels and analytics data) for any keywords added to the Keyword Research section free of charge - they do not affect your usage of the platform, so feel free to add as many keywords to the Keyword Research Suggestions table as you like.
  • Backlink usage is only based on your own sites. We do not calculate backlink usage on the basis of details we show in the system for your competitors' site. In other words, if you add five competitors to a campaign, this will use no more backlink units than if you were to add only one. So, feel free to make use of the option to add on additional campaigns to your site, as we will obtain further backlink data from Majestic SEO for any additional competitors to supplementary campaigns completely free of charge. 
  • Deleting a site on your account before you add another site will not move your watermark any higher, but adding a site and then deleting the existing site would increase your high watermark by 1 site. However, if you are already at your pages crawled, monitored keyword or backlinks limit and you swap sites around like this, we're obviously going to be crawling a different site, performing ranking checks for different keywords for a different site and obtaining backlink details on another site, so you could still incur overage charges for these units. Whether you incur overage charges will therefore depend upon your current usage for the site you are replacing.

Our pricing plans, including details on standard overage charges are laid out on our pricing pages ( If you have any queries about your usage of the platform, please contact your account manager or Customer Services (


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