Why are you having trouble accessing my Google Analytics data?

There are three ways in which we can access your Google Analytics data and import it into the platform.  

The first thing you need to do is go to the Campaign Setup Wizard (you automatically go to this when you add a new site).  But if you have already configured a site then you can get there by either going to the Sites tab within Settings, finding the site you want to edit and then clicking on the blue edit icon in the Actions column; or; from the Quick Links menu on the green navigation bar you can select "Configure Analytics Integration'.

You will then be taken to the correct page of the setup wizard.  Here you have a number of options:


1) You use OAuth2.0 verification in Step 4 of the Campaign Setup Wizard - *This is Google's and our preferred option! *

If you are a White Label user you can setup your own Google Analytics API access and enter your credentials on the  Branding tab within Settings.

2) You grant read-only access to  

If you are a White Label user you can set your own alternative authentication email on the Branding tab within Settings.

3) You enter a Google Analytics username and password in Step 4 of the Campaign Setup Wizard and select a Profile from the list that is loaded.  This is not our preferred option anymore as Google is phasing this out in 2015.


Please remember to follow the wizard to the end and save the changes!


Once you've done this, we will automatically import Google Analytics data everyday into your campaign - into 29 components (for a complete breakdown of where we use Google Analytics data, please see Appendix A of the User Manual).

It's very useful if you configure your campaign to allow us to do this as it's helpful to mix analytics data with other sources in order to gain some key insights. And remember, we keep it confidential and it's only ever read-only access we require.

Nevertheless, sometimes the import fails. (You can setup alerts to notify you if this happens - go the My Sites/Alerts tab). If this happens, don't panic! We can always re-import any data we may have missed. The common causes for this are:

A) Your password has changed - this is especially more likely if you're working for an agency and the client has set the Google Analytics account up and control the password

B) Google is blocking us - if so, see below.

Is Google blocking our request? Gee, what a pain! Don't worry, though, this is just Google being er, Google. We have a legitimate reason to ask for the data on your behalf and have a legitimate API with a very decent limit, so the usual cause of this is simply the security settings you have on your own Google account.

If this is the case, you should get an email from Google (and possibly an SMS from them too). It will be something like the following:


You need to follow the instructions to authorise this access. It should be fairly simple. You also may need to change some minor settings on your Google account:

Once you've followed the instructions, you should see the following message:


Once you're at this step, go back to the Campaign Setup Wizard (Step 4) of the site/campaign in question on your Analytics SEO account and try configuring GA access again. It should now work!

If it still doesn't work and gives you an error message, let us know ( [](


An Update - post v.5.1.4 9 (May 2013)

We added OAuth support to version 5.1.4 of the software, so now you can use this option to authorize Google Analytics access. Simply go to Step 4 of the wizard as normal and select the top (default) option. Click on Get Profiles. You may receive a warning if you don't have pop-ups allowed in your browser. You will need to enable this in order to see Google's popup.



Login into your Google account and authorize the app. We'll then retrieve Google Analytics data each day using the API as normal. This should help prevent disconnects to the GA data when passwords change, so this is now our preferred method of accessing your data.

You may subsequently receive additional notifications if we change the IPs of our servers at this end. A window like the following one may pop up in your Google account (you'll probably also receive an email from Google about " suspicious activity"):


There's nothing to worry about. The current IPs of our servers which will be collecting GA data for your sites are, and So if you see if this message and it relates to these IPs, just authorise the app and we'll carry on importing Google Analytics data.


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