I have some questions about your API solutions

We have three API solutions:

  1. There was the existing ** RPC XML** one (upon which our HowGoodIsYourSEO SEO lead generation tool is based).
  2. A high performance ** Complete SERPs API** we developed last year (which returns raw HTML for any Google query - e.g. keyword ranking checks or any 'advanced site operator' like "site:", "allintitle:" or "allinurl:").
  3. Finally, we have a REST-based structured keyword ranking API. This supports all the ranking engines, country variants ( we support 128 in all) and also covers local ranking checks for 40,000 towns and cities.

Typical queries regarding using our API include the following:

  1. How long does it take to return results?
  • Usualy a few seconds, but it can take longer depending on the overall load of the systems, network latency, complexity of the search phrase and general responsiveness of the search engine used.
  1. Is there any expiry time for Job Id?
  2. The results/payload for a specific job id are stored for 24h.

  3. Can we send multiple requests, collect the Job Ids (store them somewhere) and attempt to fetch results for them later?

  • Yes, you can send several requests, store the job id and later fetch the results

If you have any questions at all regarding using our API, please raise a support ticket. We're always happy to let our customers trial it with a limited number of monthly requests.

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