What are the differences I'll notice if I integrate with Xiti Analytics?

Xiti doesn't provide exactly the same data as Google Analytics (or Omniture). As a result, if you ask us to integrate one or more sites with Xiti, you will notice that some data will be unavailable in the platform.

No Landing Page data

This will affect the following modules:

  • Pages > Top Pages (No URL data)
  • Results > Organic Breadth & Depth (No URL data)

Ad Impressions

  • Results > Monthly SEO vs PPC ROI (Partial data, the PPC data requires click impressions,  CTR and cost information which we cannot get) 


At the moment, there is no other way of getting a site integrated with Xiti without us doing it manually for you, so you'll need to simply raise a ticket (or email and we'll let you know what we need to get this setup.

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