How do I add or remove additional campaigns?

You can add multiple campaigns to a site. This has several advantages. For instance:

  • More Competitive Insights - each campaign is limited to having up to 5 competitors for every domain you add to your account. If you want to analyze 10, 15 or 20 competitors against your domain, you can do this by setting up additional campaigns. We show competitive data in a few areas of the platform: Competitive Site Audit, Competitive Keyword Rankings and Competitive Link Quality. You therefore get more comparisons in terms of site auditing, keyword ranking and backlinks.
  • Local Rankings - you might want to work out the reach your website has in terms of national, regional or local audiences. Making use of our local ranking function can help you to do this. This article on our blog, ["Local Ranking Surprises"](", explains more about this. 

Adding additional** campaigns**

To setup additional campaigns:

  1. Go to the My Sites section (use the "My Sites" link in the drop down next to your username in the top right hand corner of the screen)
  2. Click on the blue "View Campaigns" icon on the right hand side of the table
  3. Click on the Add Campaign button and complete the Campaign Setup Wizard



Removing campaigns

Should you want to delete any additional campaigns you have setup, simply follow the same steps and click on the red x next to the campaign you want to delete (see above). You will be prompted to confirm that you're happy to do this, before the system deletes this campaign.


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