How do I integrate Basecamp with Analytics SEO?

Well, first of all, at the moment, this will be a one way connection, i.e. if you follow the following steps, Analytics SEO will log tasks in your Basecamp project. This is all done by using the email notification options when you create or edit tasks in Analytics SEO.

To get this to work, you need to:

  • Login into your Basecamp account.
  • Capture the specific email address Basecamp gives you for emailing content to your project.
  • Create a user in Analytics SEO, using this email address.
  • Edit a task you want to add to your Basecamp project and assign that task to the Basecamp "user" you've just created and tick the notify box!
  • Check your Basecamp account and you will see a forward email appear. Clicking on the link will take you to the specific task table in Analytics SEO. If you then edit your task in Basecamp, it will get added to the Discussions section in Basecamp

You may want to update both the status of the task in Analytics SEO and update your project in Basecamp. It's entirely up to you!

NB: you need to use the notify option in the Task Management panel in the task itself; just re-assigning tasks using the overall Tasks table will not notify the recipient and the task will therefore not get copied to your Basecamp account.


Step by Step: 

1) Click on this link:


2) Take a note of the email address:


3) Create a user in Analytics SEO using this email address:


4) Assign a task in the Management panel of a task:



5) Check your Basecamp account:


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