How Good is Your SEO?

Convert more website visitors to leads with our white-labelled SEO reporting tool for your website. You can embed a widget in your website and encourage visitors to get a free analysis of their website. Potential customers receive a branded email with the report and your sales team gets a copy with their details. The report analyses the organic visibility of your keywords, how your content is performing, if there are any problems with the technical aspects of your website and what the popularity of your website is. Here are the instructions for what we need in order to set up a customised version of How Good is Your SEO:

  • On a domain you own, create a subdomain that you would like us to use
  • Create a CNAME on this subdomain record pointing to - usually done through a control panel provided by your hosting provider. Let us know the main domain you want to run the widget on (usually your main domain)  
  • Give us an admin username and password for logging into your version of HGIYS in order to configure colours, calls to action, etc; if you don't specify this, we will create a username and password for you
  • Email us with the above details. We then create a record of these details in our backend database Once this is done, we will mail you to confirm it should be up and running
  • You can then log in to your version of HGIYS and customise it

You can change:

  • The main logo  
  • The slogan underneath the logo  
  • The 2 calls to action on the homepage and the additional one which appears at the bottom of the results page (with links to specific landing pages on your own site)  
  • The colours
  • The email address for reports (this is the 'from' email address and also the email address you want copies of downloaded reports sent to)
  • There is also a tab which shows the source code to include in order to have a widget on your own domain
  • Agency Partners can remove the copyright message at the bottom of the page, the black bar at the top which says 'powered by analyticsseo' and also customise the email message that is attached to the PDF reports


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