White Labelling the Platform

If you want to use the platform under your own brand name and have access to this feature, please follow the instructions below to white label the platform.

Setting up a white label version of Authoritas usually only takes around ten minutes!

The first step is to decide the URL you want your white label site to be available on. You will then need to create a DNS record for this domain. This is usually done using a control panel on the site you bought your domain registration from ( The next step is to create a new CNAME record which points to

Once the DNS record has been created, you can go to the whitelabel on the system (Settings/Branding/Whitelabel) and enter this new domain name as your whitelabel domain.


You will then be able to start setting the other whitelabel site settings, such as choosing colours for the headers, tables, tabs and uploading logos and favicons.

Please note that if you want to configure Google OAuth2 so that users of your whitelabel version of the platform will be prompted with a whitelabelled OAuth integration screen, please contact us and ask us to send you separate instructions for getting this setup.

When you have finished refining your whitelabel design, you can save your settings and if you have setup your CNAME record correctly, you should be able to see the changes on your whitelabel site instantly.

You can then tell your users to login using your whitelabel domain, rather than However, all functionality will be exactly the same as if you were logging in via

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