Configuring white label Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools integration

If you have white labelled with your own branding, you will need to go through the steps described below in order to allow for your white label users to configure Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools in the platform.

  1. Create a developer account with Google at this address: (and ensure you’re signed in).
  2. Then navigate to this URL:
  3. Create the project (this can often take some minutes).
  4. You should then see your project listed. Make a note of the Project ID here (as you’ll need it later). Click on the project you have created.
  5. In the left hand sidebar, you should a link to ‘API’ under ‘APIs & auth’. Click on this link.
  6. You should then see a list of Google APIs.
  7. You’ll need to add the 'Google Analytics API'. Click on the tab ‘API library’.
  8. Start typing ‘Analytics’ in the search box and it will automatically filter the results for you.
  9. Click on the link to ‘Analytics API’ and then click on the blue button labelled ‘Enable API’.
  10. Click on ‘Credentials’.
  11. You need to click on ‘Add credentials’ and then select the ‘OAuth 2.0 client ID’ option.
  12. On the next screen, select ‘Web application’ and click on ‘Configure consent screen’.
  13. Configure your application, by giving your product a name (e.g. “Analytics SEO white label”) and adding an email address (all the other information is optional, but we would recommend adding a product logo).
  14. On the next screen, where it says, you will need to replace this with the address of your white label domain (e.g. or, so the authorised callback URL should read like the following:
  15. If you then click on the blue ‘Create’ button, you should be presented with a screen which gives you your Client ID and Secret ID.
  16. Go back to and navigate to the branding/white label section (, open up the white label section and scroll down until you see this section (‘Google Analytics Integration – Oauth Authentication’).
  17. Enter the ID details you copied from the Google developers’ site (Project ID - see Step 4 - Client ID and Client Secret). Scroll down and save.

You should now be good to go! When a user now logs into your white label domain and tries to configure Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools, they will need be connecting to their Google accounts via OAuth (they will simply need to connect the relevant Google account, then choose a profile and save – NB, there is one small additional step for configuring Google Webmaster Tools which is explained to the user at the time).

(If you're having trouble understanding these instructions, a PDF version with screenshots can be downloaded from the link below.

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